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A Recognized Leader in Mercury Manufacturing,Recovery, Recycling and Retirement

DAT Company is recognized as the leader in the manufacturer,recovery, recycling and retirement of mercury and mercury bearing waste. We also are the leading domestic supplier of prime virgin and high purity mercury. Our senior executive officer,Dr.Abdullah Karim is known world-wide for his expertise in the responsible use, handling and disposal of mercury and is a frequent speaker before malaysian congressional committees.

DAT operates the world's largest commercial mercury recovery/recycling and retirement facility in Penang and Kuala Lumpur with over 150,000 sq. ft. including 25 advanced high vacuum mercury waste retorts, a continuous feed retort, 8 quadruple distillation systems and a 600 ton Calomel processing plant. Additionally, we have 40,000 square feet dedicated to pre-processing handling and storage including 1000 metric ton containers available to meet your shipment needs.

Solutions for Mercury Disposal

DAT specializes in providing safe, convenient and cost effective methods for handling mercury-bearing materials. Using the most advanced process technologies in the mercury industry, including thermal, chemical and physical treatment systems, DAT can process a wide variety of solid and liquid mercury bearing wastes. Our EPA approved system of checks and balances gives you the assurance that your hazardous and universal wastes are being handled in a responsible manner. We know how to solve and handle virtually any mercury disposal problem.

Quadruple Distilled Virgin Mercury - 99.9995% Pure

Only from DAT Apparatus comes the highest purity vacuum quadruple distilled virgin mercury. We are a reliable source of metallic mercury for a wide variety of users including chlorine/caustic soda, switch, semi-conductor, fluorescent light and dental amalgam manufacturers, research laboratories, and the process and control industries.

DAT features the best in purity, packaging and service:

  • Over 10 (ten) million pounds shipped
  • Vacuum Quadruple Distilled to produce the highest purity virgin mercury needed in crystal growth technology systems and other high purity applications
  • Guaranteed & certified 99.9995% pure
  • Packaged in Glass, Polyethylene, Virgin Steel and Stainless Steel containers
  • Domestic shipping capability

We clean our mercury by distilling it four times in continuous stages under high vacuum and controlled low temperatures to achieve the highest commercial grade of mercury available. Actual chemical analysis shows that the purity of our distilled virgin mercury is at least 99.9999%. While we believe that it has the potential for higher purity, it cannot be measured by conventional means. DAT's distilled virgin mercury is equivalent to prime virgin mercury and meets the following standards:

  • ACS (Amercian Chemical Society) Grade
  • MCT Grade (crystal growth)
  • Dental Grade
  • Reagent Grade
  • Instrument Grade

A Certificate of Analysis is provided with each shipment.